From the Archives. Comcast Pill Ad.

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Good one for Comcast from a few years ago.  We were asked to develop print ads for a variety of vertical publications that would target specific business customers that had a need for a large amount of bandwidth.  This was the first in a series.

Comcast PILL



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Next Stage. 4/C Print for Comcast.

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Comcast Atlanta Journal Constitution Campaign.

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I love headlines. We just completed a campaign for Comcast touting their new 50/10 Internet product.  The campaign is to run in the Atlanta Journal Constitution for 11 consecutive weeks, starting next week.

You have to appreciate just how impactful these ads will be with their big and bold copy running across the bottom of the page. Simple and clean look, with essentially nothing but a great headline to drag you in.

To me, a print ad should entice and entertain, not educate. There will be more than enough time to do that later after I call you or hit your  site.

Check ’em out.

Facts Always Win, Right?

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By Seth Godin.

If you’re selling a business to business service and you can prove that it’s better, that it delivers more value, that it’s cheaper or more durable or more efficient, shouldn’t that mean you will close every sale?

Even hard-headed business people end up buying the thing they want, not the thing they necessarily need.

The real danger of relying on facts to make your sale, though, is that when the facts are no longer on your side, you’re toast. The low-cost supplier gets hooked on the easy sales that come from acting like a commodity, and if that changes, you’ve got little room to maneuver.

Great brands and projects are built on real value and a real advantage, but great marketers use this as a supporting column, not the entire foundation. Instead, they build a story on top of their head start. They focus on relationships and worldviews and interactions, and use the boost from their initial head start to build competitive insulation.

Comcast Medical Vertical Market Four Color Print.

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