495 Express Lanes Large Format Banners at Tysons Corner.

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These are just two of the large format pillowcase banners located at Tysons Corner.  We have a total of 9 hanging in the mall, along with 220 feet of soffit, 11 elevators, 32 backlit duratrans and several floor graphics.  Tysons Corner is our ground zero, with several new exits and entrances to the lanes adjacent to the mall.

The mall campaign speaks to the various types of users of the lanes.  We used much of the original photography shot by Gary Landsman earlier this year.  The colors are just so vibrant and the production of all of the elements is top notch. 

It’s safe to say the entire campaign is going to make an impact at the mall this holiday season.  Looks like Santa has a little competition on his hands!

Get ready for a faster, more predictable trip. The 495 Express Lanes open soon, giving you a new choice for faster travel on the Capital Beltway.  Check out 495 Express Lanes for more information.

  • Stefan said,


    The work looks amazing! Great job getting the word out on this wonderful traffic reducer. It was a pleasure to contribute our little bit, look forward to working together in the future!
    Stefan & the ignition72 team

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