Now THIS is a Truckside.

Posted by truecreek on September 30, 2012 under Opinions. Everyone has them., The Work | Be the First to Comment

Spent a little less than an hour with the boys from All Over Media, watching them install the first of 62 trucksides for the 495 Express Lanes campaign.  Four panels of adhesive vinyl on both sides of the trucks.  Two for the back and two for the overcab area.  The installation was flawless, with the entire truck finished in about 40 minutes.  And this is one of the big ones.

The production values of this tactic of the campaign are over the top.  Over the next 12 weeks, these trucks will carry our message throughout the Northern Virginia area, along all of the major interstates and regional highways. 

Exactly where we need to be.

Get ready for a faster, more predictable trip. The 495 Express Lanes open soon, giving you a new choice for faster travel on the Capital Beltway.  Check out 495 Express Lanes for more information.


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