The Hits Just Keep On Coming. More Transurban Imagery.

Posted by truecreek on January 11, 2012 under The Work | Be the First to Comment

Amazing stuff, weather.  This particular shoot was interrupted two different times by Mother Nature.  The first time, we moved the shoot two weeks, a process begun during Shoot Day One. The first shot was actually taken during the early part of the storm.  Gary was comfortably shooting from inside the building, through a pane of glass.

The second was postponed a day, after it became painfully obvious we were going to be rained out.  However, we were lucky.  Both decisions were right on, allowing us just enough time to get some great images for the campaign.  Kudos to the entire crew and Gary for getting it done.

The talent in the first shot is a good buddy of mine, Mike Kinder.  A star in the making, I think.  Both shots were taken right outside the new Transurban corporate offices and will be used on the new site and in future tactics.



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