Ford and GM Continue to See Growth in Sales.

Posted by truecreek on February 1, 2011 under More Dam News | Be the First to Comment

This is nothing but great news for the U.S. auto industry. Once left for dead, GM and Chrysler are both back, producing wonderful cars and trucks. Ford, the perennial favorite, hasn’t really even skipped a beat.

With technology leading the way, the American auto industry stands to gain a tremendous amount of market share in the coming years.  I believe that most of that gain will be at the expense of heritage Asian brands.

AP DETROIT— U.S. sales of cars and trucks rose in January, a strong start to what the auto industry hopes will be an extension of last year’s recovery.

In another good sign, sales to individuals were better than sales to fleet buyers such as rental-car companies, which are far less profitable for automakers.

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