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Just strolling down memory lane today.  Art Director for the Off the Wall campaign was Bill Hornstein, but can’t remember who the writer was.  Very effective work for The Tampa Bay Devil Rays, who at the time we’re in their second year as a franchise.

The baseball organization was in chaos at the time, if I remember correctly.  But the work was great.

This and other outdoor executions were all over Tampa and St. Petersburg, including a three-dimensional board right at the stadium. The player from that board is still on the wall on the back of center field at the Trop.

From the Archives.

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From back in the day.  A nice, simple layout from Aaron Riney, for our client, Cox Communications.  The headline was written by my all-time favorite, Mike Matson.

4Mbps was like workin’ with jet fuel back then.

Ford and GM Continue to See Growth in Sales.

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This is nothing but great news for the U.S. auto industry. Once left for dead, GM and Chrysler are both back, producing wonderful cars and trucks. Ford, the perennial favorite, hasn’t really even skipped a beat.

With technology leading the way, the American auto industry stands to gain a tremendous amount of market share in the coming years.  I believe that most of that gain will be at the expense of heritage Asian brands.

AP DETROIT— U.S. sales of cars and trucks rose in January, a strong start to what the auto industry hopes will be an extension of last year’s recovery.

In another good sign, sales to individuals were better than sales to fleet buyers such as rental-car companies, which are far less profitable for automakers.

What We Do At True Creek.

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At True Creek, we are into big ideas. The Creekbed draws from the brightest, most creative minds in the industry today; people who have shaped brands like the 495 and 95 Express Lanes, Intel, Apple, Nissan, Best Buy, Volkswagen, Cox, Comcast, NASA – and many local and regional names that are big fish in a smaller pond.

We offer our clients a wide variety of services:  Media Planning, Placement and Reconciliation, Television and Radio Production, Newspaper, Digital and Video Production, Four-Color Magazine, Collateral Materials, Direct Mail, Promotional Merchandise, Point-of-Purchase, Outdoor and Out-of-Home, Logo Design and Corporate Identity/Graphic Standards.  

Our agency is based in Oakton, VA, which is just outside the Capital Beltway in Washington, D.C.

Please take a moment to tour the site.  Afterwards, let’s talk about how we might be able to help you.   703-281-2165.  Or send a note to joseph@truecreek dot com.