A Moment to Reflect.

Posted by truecreek on October 18, 2010 under Opinions. Everyone has them. | Be the First to Comment

My father, Joseph E. Young Sr., died last month after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. He had just turned 81.

To say we had a wonderful relationship is really an understatement.  He was a great man, hard-working, loyal and dedicated. I learned so much from him.  I will sorely miss our time together but know that some day,  I will once again sit with him under a tree on beautiful summer day.

As you would expect, his death took my eye off the ball for a while. For some strange reason, I just didn’t see the need to post or update.   I remember reading  Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ “On Death and Dying” back in high school.  If true, the five stages seemed to all happen at once.  Part of me understood the situation and the rest of me didn’t.

Yes, you do feel numb.

What I didn’t expect was the impact small memories would have.   Every day you see or hear something  that stokes the fire within.  Just writing this post and looking at this picture reminds me so much of the fun we used to have together.

But for me to get back in the swing of things, it’s vitally important that I get back to doing what I enjoy most and that’s working hard in the ad business.  It’s time to scour the Internet for interesting articles, compelling research and  great creative work.

So if it’s OK with you, here we go.

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