Back in the Day, at Paradigm Communications.

Posted by truecreek on July 20, 2010 under More Dam News | Read the First Comment

Years ago, I was an AE and new business guy for an agency in Tampa, Florida.  Paradigm Communications.

At the time, The Tampa Bay Lightning was a client.  The partners were just nuts about hockey.  All kinds of hockey.

AD was Cody Spinadel and for the life of me, I cannot remember the writer’s name, which is a shame.

  • mike pulaski said,

    i worked at Paradigm for 4 years, started in the telemarketing room doing csg, sacinos, and the rays, the became the night tech for parafax, also worked with rick for the first laser show at the then thunderdome, was best friends with janet henderson, was tolerated by sym smith, but was a cool gig, great parties each year,at dick leonards house and they got a beer truck come one year, that was awesome
    so great memories from that time

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