Surprise! Newspaper Readership Shows Uptick in Top 100 Markets.

Posted by truecreek on March 29, 2010 under More Dam News, Research | Be the First to Comment

From NNN:

Newspaper readership in the top 100 markets grew to 80.6 million, up from 78.7 million, a gain of 2.5%, based on the most recent Spring 2008 Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI) survey as compared to the prior year.  MRI tracks daily newspaper readership in the top 100 markets for Newspaper National Network LP and reports the NNN 100 Daily Code.

While daily newspaper circulation in the top 100 markets has been in decline, there are several factors which can explain why readership has increased:

* Newspaper websites have shown consistent growth in unique visitors, and may be drawing in new or returning print readers.

* Publishers have cut marginal circulation, not core circulation.  These copies went to less frequent readers.

* Secondary readership is up, as more newspaper readers are reading copies they did not purchase themselves.

* Free daily newspapers like Metro or am New York which are appealing to new newspaper readers.

This is the second survey in a row showing an increase in NNN 100 Daily newspaper readership, with the Fall 2007 survey up 1.8%.  These are the first increases the measure has shown since it was created in Fall 2003.  In addition, the median household income of newspaper readers grew 4.9%, to $64,861.

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