ProFlowers Has a Customer for Life.

Posted by truecreek on March 26, 2010 under Opinions. Everyone has them. | Be the First to Comment

My wife and I are getting ready for our annual celebration of the finer things in life, Loveapalooza.  As part of the decorating committee of two, I was charged with arranging for the flowers.

Several weeks ago we received a gorgeous bouquet as a gift from our parents.  The flowers were from  So I went to their site and found a perfect deal:  two for one on roses.  Buy a dozen, get a dozen.  Now that’s the ticket.  So the order was in.

When the flowers arrived two days later, I quickly looked at the roses and determined it was only a dozen, not two. So, being the ever vigilant consumer that I am, the call went out.  Immediately, the ProFlowers customer service rep jumped all into my perceived floral quagmire and took control.  Two dozen fresh roses were headed out the door to me for overnight delivery. With the most heart felt of apologies.  And thank you so much for being a ProFlowers customer.

A minute or so later, a very professional HTML email hits my box repeating the apology and giving me the tracking number of my complimentary order of two dozen red roses.   Now that is the way you handle it.

Unfortunately, it was a call I should never have made.  Later that evening, my wife discovered that there actually were two dozen roses in the package, they were just stacked in a way that only showed the tops of a dozen or so.  Everything was there and they looked absolutely beautiful.


So this morning, I sucked it up and sent an email to customer service. Yes, I blew it and you actually did send the correct amount of flowers.  And please don’t hurt Gabriella, the woman who packaged the gorgeous   roses. And the email was off.

Five minutes later their reply.  You’re very welcome!

I suspect the flowers will arrive shortly and will be just amazing.  Plus, there will be another note inside with some sort of coupon for a future purchase.  Trust me,  that is one coupon that will  never be used.

But  I can tell you that ProFlowers has a customer for life.

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