Public Opinion of Toyota’s Quality Plummets in New Survey.

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There are times when no amount of advertising and marketing can pull you up from the floor.  The issues facing Toyota right now are monumental in their entirety and really do have the potential to damage the brand beyond recognition.   We’re talking years here, I believe.

USA Today:  Yet another survey points to bad news for Toyota:  A pollster says findings show Toyota has crushed its quality reputation.

In two short years, Americans having a positive perception of Toyota’s commitment to building quality cars has plummeted to 21.8% from over 80%, according to the findings of the latest survey by Britt Beemer at the

Only 31.8% of Americans believe Toyota can rebuild its quality image, the verdict is still out about their ability to recover. Some 22.1% are undecided whether they can rebuild the quality image and 18% don’t think Toyota will be able to do it.

“While their reputation is on the line, Toyota’s problems don’t stop there because buyers are now wary of the Toyota brand,” says Beemer.  “Toyota has some real selling to do just to convince current Toyota car owners to buy another one.”

But will current Toyota owners save the day?

Maybe, the survey finds. The survey revealed that consumers who have purchased Toyotas in the past are evenly divided about whether they will buy another one in the future or not. Of these potential buyers, 52.6% will no longer consider buying a Toyota car in the future.

American car manufacturers may ultimately be the benefactors of Toyota’s quality issues, according to Beemer.  Due to Toyota’s quality issues, 69.1% of car buyers are more likely to purchase an American made automobile.  That number is up from 38% two years ago.

The survey comes from 1,000 telephone interviews conducted Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, March 12, 13 and 14, 2010, at ARG headquarters in Charleston, SC.  The error factor is plus or minus 3.8%.

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