Coca-Cola Wants to Make It Big in China.

Posted by truecreek on December 2, 2009 under More Dam News | Be the First to Comment

From Popsop:

By the end of 2020 Coca-Cola is planning to double its “Asian” revenues to $200bn in course of the next 10 years, with the developing markets of India and China being set as the major fields. The giant soft drinks maker is hoping to have at least $1 billion of annual sales from marketing its six major brands in the Celestial Empire.


The giant’s broad portfolio, which now includes a wide range of soft drinks, diary and water, helped increase Coke’s profits by annual 19% over the past five years, and the company is plotting to earn three times more by 2020. At the current moment, Coke’s sales double those of its main competitor PepsiCo.  As FT reports, each average resident of China annually consumes 28 Coca-Cola items.

Coke and Sprite soft drinks already make $1bn in China on an annual basis, and Yuan Ye, the maker’s tea product, and Ice Dew, are supposed to deliver this amount of money by 2020. To win more consumers, the giant has already launched Glaceau water and Minute Maid Super Pulpy Milky in China market and is planning to introduce new products to the fast-growing market. The company has 10 years in stock, and with its high brand level and a variety of new offerings to arrive a decade will be more than enough to reach the lofty aims.

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