Nielsen: Broadcast Radio Still Has Reach.

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Broadcast radio still has reach.  Now, that’s great to hear.

By Katy Bachman.

Contrary to popular belief, consumers are not trading broadcast radio for new media. Far from it. Of all audio segments, broadcast radio reaches more than 77 percent of users daily compared to 11.6 percent for MP3 players and iPods.

mikeIn total, more than 90 percent of adults were exposed to some form of audio media.

The findings, published Tuesday (Nov. 3) are based on a Nielsen analysis of data from the Council for Research Excellence Video Consumer Mapping Study. The $3.5 million landmark study conducted in 2008 used direct real-time observation methods to record the media behavior of participants in five major markets. Earlier this year, the CRE released results for video media.

Portable audio has its highest daily reach among the 18-34 demographic, but it takes up only 7.5 percent of all daily audio usage, compared to more than a 47 percent share for broadcast audio. In fact, broadcast radio has the highest daily reach among 18-34 year olds at 82.2 percent, compared to 81.6 percent for the 35-54 demo and 71.9 percent for 55 and older.

“There is a much more complex picture going on with audio than we ever really imagined,” said Dr. Michael Link, chief methodologist for Nielsen (parent company of Mediaweek).   “What this report shows is that 18-34s aren’t abandoning radio. Rather, they’re adding new audio technologies in addition to broadcast radio consumption.”

Broadcast radio was also widely used among users of other forms of audio media. More than 81 percent of those who used portable audio devices, also listened to broadcast radio.

The medium also stacked up well against other media in terms of average hourly reach. Live TV reached the most people, followed by radio, the Web/Internet and newspapers and magazines.

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