The New Sweatpants Society.

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By Joseph Young

Well, we’ve crossed the threshold.   In my travels today, I had the chance to stop off at the local Wegman’s to take advantage of their snappy food bar.  Lunchtime can be pretty busy in that place and today was no exception.

What was interesting was seeing what I will call “The New Sweatpants Society.”

The New Sweatpants Society

Men and women, meeting, then having lunch with their significant others at the grocery store.  That is no big deal.

What was interesting was that in almost every case, one of them was dressed in business attire.  The other, in sweats.

It was striking.

Couples all over the place, dressed entirely differently.  Someone obviously didn’t get the memo.

So, do you think it’s a statement of the times?  The extremely casual nature of their dress could mean that one of the two is working from a home office, works in a very casual environment or perhaps they have a day off.  But this is Tuesday, yes?

Unfortunately, I suspect it’s something a little more sinister.  One of them is out of a job.

On the bright side, I’m sure most of these couples are relishing the chance to break some lunchtime bread together.

But on the other, perhaps it’s a sad commentary on the current employment situation in our country.

I plan on checking in again in a month or so to see if the things have changed any.  Let’s all hope I see a few more shirts and ties!

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