Does Your Cell Phone Have the Features You Want?

Posted by truecreek on June 22, 2009 under Opinions. Everyone has them. | Read the First Comment

In this day and age of more and more functionality in hand-held devices and the like, I thought this little bit of research from CNN was very telling.  Most of the folks are like me.  I just want the damn thing to ring.

While not the most profitable segment, I’m sure, with almost 50% of the base looking for the only the basics, the cell co’s need to market to that group as well.

Question:  Does your cell phone have the features you want?

Yes, it’s perfect:  30%    76,933

No, I wish it had more stuff:  21%   54,065

I just want it to ring:  49%  127,040

  • hornstein said,

    My iPhone has every feature I could possibly want and more. With one exception – since I have AT&T as my provider I can rarely make phone calls on it.

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