The Deceptive Nature of this Campaign Demands Some Investigation.

Posted by truecreek on June 5, 2009 under Opinions. Everyone has them. | Be the First to Comment

The other day, I had the chance to see a new infomercial by one of those new debt consolidation companies.  The spot was produced in such a fashion as to look like CNBC or some kind of financial program, complete with two crawls on the bottom of the screen.

But what I really have a problem with is the placement of video within the spot of the President speaking behind a lectern, as to insinuate some sort of endorsement.  Now, the disclaimer is in a small, ghosted font across the bottom of the video, and it says the usual stuff, but that’s not enough.

The spot is a blatant attempt to position the product, which in this case is debt consolidation, as a government sponsored entity.

Where is the FTC?

While you’re at it, shut down the robocallers and the junk faxers, too.

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