It’s Really a Shame. Enter the CAPTCHA code.

Posted by truecreek on May 7, 2009 under Opinions. Everyone has them. | Be the First to Comment

I hated to do it.

When you start a blog, you want it to be as open as possible to everyone.  No hurdles, you say.  Let anyone say what they want, whenever they want.  That’s the reason I started this thing.  Comments are a good thing.

Then the spammers started sending comments on certain posts.  Then they added a few more.  Then they would subscribe.  It was brutal.  I was being inundated by the bots.

And so, the blog had to change.

As of today, when you want to comment on an article, you have to take that extra step and enter the code into the CAPTCHA box to submit your verbiage.  Sorry about that, but spam is a terrible thing and sometimes can force us to do things we don’t want to do.

By the way, their copy sucks.

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