Small Virginia Ad Agency Takes on Big Tobacco.

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February 5, 2009

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA – David may have slew Goliath, but can a small Virginia ad agency slay the state’s big tobacco industry?

Joseph Young, president of True Creek, Inc, an advertising agency in Alexandria, Virginia has created a series of ads in support of the legislation banning smoking in indoor restaurants and bars that is pending in Virginia.

“I am proud to have commissioned this wonderful artwork. I really want to make sure the message is sent to the voters of Virginia in a loud and clear way…that they still have time to contact their representatives to make sure the Indoor Clean Air Act is passed. Now is the time to act and make that call. As we say in the ad copy, it’s time to clear the air for the common health of the Commonwealth, “ Young said.

“On a personal note, my mother was stricken with esophageal cancer five years ago. Through her determination and upbeat spirit, she was able to beat the disease. It’s my hope that the voters in Virginia have that same level of determination in supporting this bill,” Young said.

Last Tuesday, Young presented his ads to the House bill sponsor, Delegate David Englin, his communication team, and others interested in the legislation. Thursday, the Virginia Senate approved four bills dealing with the issue. The legislation then went to the House, where revisions and compromises were made. It’s possible the legislation will be voted on either Monday or Tuesday.

The provocative ads feature headlines such as “Formaldehyde, cyanide, carbon monoxide and arsenic shouldn’t be on the menu anymore.” and “The Virginia house killed bills in recent years to restrict smoking. 1,700 Virginians were killed in each of those recent years by secondhand smoke.”



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  • Emily Bintz said,

    Joe – Kudos on this great effort! No indoor smoking is such a dream come true and a worthy cause. Good luck!

  • Gabe Diaz said,

    Very nice creative….strong message and nice visuals and use of type….good stuff!! My favorite is the 1st one i.e. Virgina house

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