USA TODAY Super Bowl Ad Meter Top 10

Posted by truecreek on February 2, 2009 under More Dam News | 3 Comments to Read

Always love the USA TODAY instant spot rankings from the Superbowl. Here are the top ten, with length , quarter played and score:

Doritos Crystal ball sees free Doritos. 30 1st 8.46
Budweiser Clydesdale’s romance with circus horse. 60 2nd 8.42
Budweiser Clydesdale can fetch. 30 2nd 8.26
Bridgestone Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head take a drive. 30 2nd 7.83
Doritos Superpowers of Doritos’ crunch. 30 2nd 7.79 Overachiever needs help buying a car. 60 2nd 7.78
Pedigree Dog is better pet than an ostrich or rhino. 30 2nd 7.71
Pepsi Mix of Forever Young with Bob Dylan and 60 1st 7.65
Castrol Grease monkeys and Castrol Edge keep car running. 30 2nd 7.56
Bud Light No Bud Light at meetings to cut budget. 30 1st 7.49

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